5065 Scooter

Red Dot award honorable mention winner Wang Yixing proposes a convenient vehicle for “last mile” transportation in an urban environment. Working with transportation companies, Yixing proposes a scooter solution that is an extension of public transportation. The design focuses not only on easy carry, but also vending machines for purchase points, to provide city users with an inexpensive alternative to walking the last mile. The N° 5065 features a compact body, with a folding tube design that can easily slide into a backpack or case, eliminating the last-minute fumbling and space issues on crowded subways.



Image courtesy of Wang Yixing


The N° 5065’s handle slides down in a flash, folding down to the base to create a smooth aluminum tube. The final volume is like an elongated water bottle or umbrella. Wang imagines the scooters for sale at subway or bus stops for urbanites on the go – providing the missing link in transportation connections for the future.