Control your Sneaker Design

Shoreditch-based creative technology agency Rehabstudio has proposed a million sneakers in one. In the project press release the design team sees “the potential of apparel lies in materials that alter circumstances, or that are designed to have unexpected properties, combined with integral electronics“. The team came up with a concept of what the future of athletic footwear might be, including a smartphone app to customize color and material.



images courtesy of rehabstudio


The folks at Shoreditch see sneakers as a means of self-expression, and offer us the possibility of expressing ourselves, using technology to inform design. The East Londoners apply technology to use phase change fibers and shape-memory meta materials, interchanging and locking pattern choice for customer design. New fabric choices allow to bend light spectrums but also adapt to variables such as surface or temperature. Electrical signals pass along conductive filaments woven into the shoe’s membrane communicate to the human touch. Mini LEDs display the Shift designs.




=the accompanying open sourced application will feature a “pack” store where users can download layouts based on a specific subject. Rehabstudio’s shift sneaker concept looks into the future of wearable technology, customized by app command.