Google Glass

Google glass has announced a partnership with iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg to create a collection aimed at women, as an addition to the unisex Titanium Collection released earlier this year. The eyewear range includes five frame styles and eight different shades available for customization. Google’s connection with von Furstenberg, dates back to 2012 when she brought Glass to the world’s attention in a runway show.

« Glass is designed to make your life easier. It offers a new, unique way of interacting with technology without distracting from your life. And it’s about being able to express your personal style at the same time. Diane really understood each of these goals and brought that vision to life. » says lead designer Isabelle Olsson.
DVF Made for Glass might be just the trick to get fashion-savvy lady customers to invest in high-end tech products.
The announcement comes at a time when establishments in Seattle and San Francisco have banned Glass-users, using the now generic term glassholes. The real concern is that Google can store all information recorded and compiled from Glass, forever. But regardless of your opinion of Glass, now whoever opts has a more than a few style options to choose from.