Fendi’s Bag Bugs

Milan Design Week 2015 saw the introduction of an interesting project by the Campana Brothers for Italian luxury brand FENDI. Taking the iconic Fendi Bag Bugs as inspiration for their newest plush toy chair, Fernando and Humberto Campana bring us “The Armchair of Thousand Eyes.” Over a hundred of the little furry critters have been assembled to create a unique seating object. Described as a ‘banquete’, the fluffy monsters are sewed onto canvas and stretched over a stainless steel frame. The designers felt the bag bugs were a perfect inspiration for their unique pieces, and were delighted to work with the house of Fendi.




The finished “Armchair of a Thousand Eyes” sports gilded brass and colorful dyed fur (shearling, kidassia, rabbit). The piece was presented in cooperation with Galleria O. Roma.