Package Design

Oki Sato’s award-winning studio Nendo has designed a brilliant peelable packaging concept for Unifrutti. The product is the Shiawase banana, an organic fruit grown only on a high altitude Philippine plantation.



Image courtesy of Akihiro Yoshida


‘Shiawase’ means happy in Japanese, referring to the environmentally friendly, high-quality of the product. Nendo refers to the fruit itself in its clever design, imitating the feel and look of the skin on a double peel label running up the banana.
While the first layer reads as the banana skin, bruises and all, the inner label written message printed onto an image of banana flesh in the background.




The concept continues to the shopping bag. Purchased Shiawases are placed into a string-handled paper bag. The customer removes the string to easily remove the fruit, unfolding the bag into the shape and image of a large banana leaf, with product information on the reverse. The minimalistic design rejects unnecessary boxes and packing material, and encourages the customer to read about the origin of the product.