Shield & Share

Prizewinning Milanese designer Odo Fioravanti has developed a range of personal protection equipment (PPE) for Italian mobile company TIM, incorporating mobile technology creative design.



Image courtesy of 0do Fioravanti


The idea behind the Shield & Share is to take this technology and make it wearable; the designs ensure worker safety and simultaneously record work experiences. Video is everywhere; share and we record more today than ever before. Fioravanti proposes to use mobile phones as monitors, to improve performance and enhance the quality of gesture. This research is the first of its kind, from Italian mobile company TIM.




PPE is designed to protect workers from work-related injury, and up until now has focused on the practical function: hardhats, welding masks, work boots. But these objects are also the interface between workers and their gestures. The purpose of Shield & Share is to make it possible for workers to record and share their experiences on the web, enhancing and documenting the quality of their gestures, and capturing accidents and wrongdoing on video. The designs are efficient and affordable, using workers’ own phones. The welding mask and hardhat use clip design to hold a phone, while the overalls have a plastic-front pocket. Bluetooth circuit laced onto safety shoes can monitor data activity and labor outputs for sharing.




Shield & Share marks unprecedented research into workplace protection equipment incorporating simple technology into existing measures. Fioravanti’s goal? To provide designs that will become a frontline look and defense for tradesmen and workers around the globe.