Fine Collection

Designed by Pauline Deltour, Fine is a collection of elegant devices, reinventing the codes of Parisians version 2.0. Combining practicality with chic, the range includes a power bank (mobile telephone charger), a key ring with attached USB key, a cardholder and a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker.



Image courtesy of Lexon


The young French designer was inspired by early 20th century iconic pieces. “Van Cleef & Arpels or Cartier minaudières were a wealth of ingenuity and technical perfection, with extreme attention to detail combining sophistication and minimum clutter… I have a passion for boxes: to tidy, to hide and to carry your belongings around. The box is a fascinating object combining mystery and simplicity,” says Deltour.




Fashioned from lightweight anodized aluminum in bronze, gold, gunmetal and metallic blue, these gorgeous objects are the cigarette cases of the future, the absolutely necessary accessory.




The tubular speaker is designed like a lipstick, swiveling to power on and adjust volume. The power bank provides all-day mobile phone charge, with a textured band to ensure cable connection. The cardholder is the businesswoman’s new best friend, with a two compartments, for your own and received cards, separated by a mirror.




The key ring includes an 8GB memory USB key, shaped from a strip of aluminum wrapped around the ring in a flirty whistle shape.


In the designer’s words, « For me Lexon is a brand that links very easily design and technology, the style and the function. It is also timeless. » The question is, how did we ever live without these?