BlackBerry P’9983

BlackBerry and Porsche Design have unveiled the new Porsche Design P’9983 luxury smartphone. The phone will be available from Porsche Design stores, select mobile carriers and retailers around the world by the beginning of October 2014. The company has not announced the pricing of the phone.



image courtesy of blackberry


Blackberry and Porsche Design have collaborated for the third time to introduce the luxury smartphone P’9983, available also known as « Khan » and « Prestige », the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone is the first QWERTY version and runs BlackBerry 10 OS. The P’9983 is all about sharp lines and angles, and compared to other recent smartphone models it looks all business. The forged stainless steel edges, glass-weaved back cover, and glass-like keys that give off a visible 3D effect, creating an appearance that is far from plastic. We can assume that will come , as previous collaborations were introduced at over $2000. But not only will P’9983 owners have a very sexy, expensive-looking design, they will also receive an exclusive PIN that distinguishes them from common BlackBerry owners, as well as other Porsche Design owners. Though criticized for offering the same hardware as the year-old BlackBerry, the P’9983 offers 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage The 2100 mAh battery is advertised to last 12 days on standby, with 14 hours of talk time for the serious on-the-go customer as well. Blackberry is slowly getting back on the track of its former days, hopefully with the promise of better days ahead.