Landmark Plaza

Kuanlu Architects have proposed a landmark plaza for the growing city of Otog in the Inner Mongolia province of northern China. The 70,000 sq.ft. Exhibition Plaza project imitates the landscape upon which it rests. The central Asian steppes of Mongolia inform the design, whose roof is meant to be walked upon, as important an element as the interiors.



Courtesy of Kuanlu Architects


The plaza serves as a center exploring the history, culture, industry and urban planning of the region. Kuanlu Architects’ proposal creates a scheme that merges the structure and the grassland site into one.




Using stone and grass, the signature roof is a natural undulating promenade that extends the length and width of the plaza. The interior is flooded with natural light, bringing the outdoors in, and destined to become the new center of Otog, Erdos, in China’s Mongolia.