Shana Moulton

I have always been interested in experimental unconventional work , and Shana Moulton is the perfect example to illustrate the post-digital/post-internet virtuosity .There is a magnetic attraction when it comes to Shana’s videos, it’s weird and highly complex so it’s really important to observe how her artwork articulate itself in space and what the aesthetic considerations are .Sure, her aesthetic is a little ‘super violent’ and i’ve seen some attempts before but this one has a big potential.




Excessively imaginative, Shana Moulton’s work bring performative audacity that gives you something to think about ,she invest a sensitive space, exposing her neurosis in a very intimate way using her videos as a nexus of her own anxieties. In one of her oddest project ,a series of videos entitled “Whispering Pines” she took the performativity to another level, playing her own alter ego Cynthia, a meta eyed personae, to reedit the everyday while revealing the excess and mingling with discomfort. There is something undeniably interesting about the fact that she’s deconstructing the perceptions, we can only appreciate it if we let our more open-minded self, analyze and understand her alienating sensibility.




As you can see,Moulton navigates in an alternative reality where ‘Cynthia’ seems to be in a constant search for the well- being and the magical .In her videos, the artist offers a dreamlike universe where the parallel energies merge with collected objects. On the pretext of embellishing the everyday life,with the character ‘Cynthia’, she manage to invent a bizarre and constructed environment ,an unapologetically troubled kitchy masquerade through a fantasia of forms ,new age aesthetics and countercultural sources .You may think of her work, as a parody of some kind of abstraction but it’s not , it’s a very smart production. Her work is artistically and intellectually challenging because of its affective values and, we cannot ignore Shana Moulton’s ability to recognize the ambiguities in a contemporary situation.Somehow she succeeded to generate a point of conversation with a deviant sense of humor and strong structural sensitivity and these are clearly a part of her genius .

All I can say to the cynical meta kids of the future is that you really need to open up a little to see things with a new wonder.