Borisov Arena

Slovenian firm OFIS architects has completed the Borisov Arena, a 13,000 seat stadium designed for local football club FC Bate. Situated in a Belarus forest, the concept preserved existing trees, to create a singular object appearing to emerge from the natural landscape.




Under a rounded dome, the stadium’s envelope is a fragile, perforated skin stretched over the arena’s inner skeleton. The covered space between the exterior and seating area forms a street with shops, bars, and services, and the central field area is open to the sky.




The rounded arena provides good acoustics to encourage a united and vibrant atmosphere for matches, while focusing players’ concentration during training sessions. Each entry point to the field houses dressing rooms, a mix zone, and physiotherapy space. The stadium can accommodate 620 VIP guests and 100 members of the press.


courtesy of OFIS architects