Starck & Riko

Philippe Starck lives in a pre-fab house, and thinks you should too. This week Starck unveiled the prototype developed with Slovenian company Riko, on acreage in Monfort l’Armoury. Called P.A.T.H. (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes), this is the second collaboration between Starck and Riko, engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in industrial prefabrication and energy production technology.




The P.A.T.H. collection is composed of four types of residence, ranging from Named PATH, which stands for Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes, the collection is made up of four different types of residence ranging from about 1500 to 3700 square feet; all 34 variants are designed to consume a third of the energy of a traditional house.
The designer says, « I decided not to make any architectural gesture here. I didn’t want to impose anything to anyone. The architectural possibilities are very broad and flexible. »


Starck’s prototype two-story house produces 50 per cent more energy than it consumes, due to eco-technology systems that are concealed beneath the vegetation-lined roof. Customers may elect photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting systems, heat pumps, and more. The Montfort house features a corniced roof ideal for concealing systems and conveying a powerful design statement, but other roof styles are available. The prototype sports a largely glazed exterior with aluminum paneling, although clients may order wooden facades or a combination of the two. The interior walls of the prototype are lined with spruce paneling, a material chosen for its minimal manufacturing waste. Models are available with one or two levels, from a one-room studio to and eight-room family home; client specifications include different floor plans, façades, roof types, finishes, fixtures, and lighting options.



Designed for the clients who “appreciate the symbiosis of ecology and aesthetics », The P.A.T.H. homes will be available to order this month, costing between 230 to 420 dollars per square foot, depending on the specification. The company claims that each will be delivered within six months and can be assembled in two weeks.


images courtesy of riko d.o.o.