3D Various

Ever dreamed of owning a Stradivarius? French company 3Dvarius has rendered a fully playable electric violin based on a Stradivarius, using the most advanced 3D printing technology available. The violin is printed as a single piece of photo-reactive resin. The process combines the precision of computer renderings with the classical skill of violin making. With the help of musical artist and violinist Laurent Bernadec, 3Dvarius has managed create optimal fusion between musician and instrument.




The optimization involved simplifying the design, reducing the weight, and considering the motions of the violinist. A research process examined acoustic and wave propagation through the body of the instrument, and measured mechanical resistance for the strings’ pressure.




To print the protoype ‘Pauline’, 3Dvarius chose stereolithography, a technology that produces models and parts one layer at a time, by curing photo-reactive resin with a UV laser or similar power source. The instrument was then hand-sanded, cleaned and polymerized to remove excess resin and protect the internal structure. Stringing the violin is delicate, requiring progressive pressure application for proper sound reproduction and tuning.


Image courtesy of 3Dvarius