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Kyeongmin Kim

Over the past few years, a whole new pack of fashion designers have started appearing, fresh young talents coming out of London and New York with an obvious inclination for minimalism. I came across Min Kim, a Korean fashion designer known for having a passion for creating familiar and wholly unique designs. I immediately fell in love with her fearless approach and her depth of thinking, she’s no stranger to the gravity that ‘the new purity’ has on modern culture and she’s definitely not taking fashion too seriously, and that’s something we can get behind.


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People want to know you, tell us more about yourself.


I am Kyeongmin Kim, 26, originally a Korean fashion designer who has been living in London for the last 2 years. I graduated in MA FDT Womenswear in the London College of Fashion, University of the Art, London.


What was the impetus behind your graduate collection?


Things around me, my family and my friends in Korea. When I moved to London I couldn’t stop thinking about them or small episodes of what I did with them, it was somehow a big motivation to create.

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How has London inspired you? Would it be the same if you were living in Korea?


I would say it was totally different, as I had lived in London, there are so many styles on the street such as high-end, vintage, goth and so on, there is no one glancing and pointing a finger, they look like very free and never mind others, I think this, makes me imagine more and more. London is the city where all fashion is allowed.


Young designers are usually taking the reductionist road to a very distinctive design what about you? What would you call your aesthetic signature, minimalist, reductivist, archi-structured?


Actually, I don’t know where I should be included, I’m very generous and flexible about various aesthetics however, if I need to choose a word for my collection it would be practicality. When I do designing or manufacturing,

details are needed and practical and this might make my collection looks minimalist and reductivist.

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I can tell by the way you flirt with volumes that you are using fabrics as sculptural supports. Please, tell me more about your creative process and influences.


In terms of my collection, I have a variety of silhouettes, my designs focus on big sizes and curvilinear shapes which are unique to my taste. For making circular contractions, I needed to find a certain kind of fabric, which is thick, but lightweight, soft but not artificial like a sponge and the neoplane was the perfect choice. I tried to bond different fabrics such as wool and cotton jersey with the neoplane by using bondaweb and a high temperature machine.

It’s important for me to give away a feeling of purity and sympathy. It really excites me to think of a story as a way to make clothes and not the opposite, something that has a character.


You are obviously playing with the inter-gender concept–tell me more about it.


Fashion has almost always been a reaction to society, I got many questions about whether I’m a feminist or not. I’m not a feminist, I just talk about things that happen easily around me that I couldn’t realize well.

I simply don’t believe in the prescriptions that society has for genders and my theme put more weight on the society situation rather than the gender.


Your research feels authentic; it’s about you, trying to communicate a vision, so that people can emotionally connect to the pinnacle of how you want things to be seen. You tell stories about women; you look into their lives so my question is, how can you describe women of tomorrow?


The women of tomorrow? I could not answer exactly but I believe that we can expect to experience a newfound attitude, a democratic purity with measures of modesty.


What can we expect from you in the future?


I’d like to gain some experience within a team of designers and to further develop my skills and branch my own brand. I am not sure if my future collection will be about girls because I am getting old. However, my collection will keep talking to all women.


images courtesy of Masha Mei. Heewon Kim