Snøhetta Makes Waves

Snøhetta has unveiled revolutionary landscape design for advanced research laboratory MAX IV, a national center operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Lund University. The first structure of the future Science City near Lund, MAX IV is a high-performance synchrotron radiation laboratory built around two next-generation particle accelerators. To offset the hardcore structural design, international architecture and design practice Snøhetta was commissioned to imagine the center’s landscape.




Set to open in June, the center boasts a deceptively simple landscape that is designed to mitigate ground vibrations from nearby traffic that could interfere with sensitive laboratory research.
The design firm created the site’s iconic landwaves by shifting the earth in a sustainable design that incorporates meadowland for grazing sheep, and locally sourced plantlife.




Based on 3D modelling and hard science, the inner waves closest to the electron storage area were mapped, and exterior waves radiated outward. Here Snøhetta has proven that simplicity and nature are not incompatible with cutting edge science.


Photo courtesy of snøhetta