Look behind the Basile label and you’ll find Aldo Ferrante, a businessman focused on the marketplace rather than the design board. From his humble origins as salesman for Krizia and later Missoni, he took over the Basile house, which manufactured for other companies. He developed a line producing only trousers, for men and women, which was an immediate success. In 1976 Basile was officially launched, and over the years has been home to designers Angelo Tarlazzi, Gianni Versace and Luciano Soprani.
Ferrante considers himself “ignorant for lack of knowledge” and immune to intellectual pretension, but he absorbs all he sees. A true visionary, he is quick to laugh, and quick to act. He understood how to establish Basile: autonomous, never featuring the name of the designer over the brand. Known for its casual and elegant eveningwear as well as tailored suits and jackets, Basile soon became a symbol for Milan style.