Carlo Tivioli

A fascinating and elegant man, Carlo Tivioli is known as the purveyor of high-fashion Italian fur. He says he was born in 1971, the year he took a risk and expanded his small atelier to produce a runway collection. But no just any runway show, his was at the Grand Hotel in Rome, with the models wearing red and blue minks over nothing but panties, because there was no budget for clothes. The following year’s collection created another stir when he showed mink shirts over jeans. Skeptics questioned the high price tag, but he sold every shirt.


Working in fur is a special process, as the material is so costly. Tivioli uses every scrap, cutting, dyeing and recycling stock. He claims “it’s a great incentive to create, and it eliminates risk.” An avid art collector, Tivioli’s collection includes Klimt, Nagasawa, Paolini and Pistoletto. His Milan showroom was famous for its esthetic perfectionism, with Le Corbusier furnishings and white-washed walls. Tivioli, “the man in grey” of Italian fur, continues to fascinate.