« Our strength is that we have found the ideal form of working as a team, » Anna Fendi told the paper during a May 1974 interview with her four sisters and mom—Fendi founder Adele. « Our success is due to our union, none of us could have done it all alone. » The five Fendi sisters dominated Italian fashion in the seventies, combining their shrewd business acumen and design flair with a personal touch, travelling to points of sale to personally promote the brand.


In 1965, German designer Karl Lagerfeld joined Fendi, bringing them his superb sense of fashion and design expertise. He created the inverted « FF » logo, which would eventually become a worldwide status symbol. Known for their treatments of luxurious fur accessories and garments, Lagerfeld and Fendi began to develop new and different ways to use fur. They made it lighter, softer and much more wearable. They continued to find new ways to treat fur, including new methods in tanning and dyeing it, and created pieces out of hides that had never been used in the fashion industry. They also created the lighter and more fitted coat for women for the first time, which has now become a Fendi staple.


In 1977 Fendi produced the world’s first fashion film The Glory of Water, which was restored to its original glory in 2013.