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Giorgio Correggiari

Giorgio Correggiari is a spontaneous designer who thrives on the unexpected and improvised. He has declared he would stop designing the moment it ceased to amuse him, and is known to scour Milan for odd sources and inspirations, finding little old ladies to sew pearl buttons on tulle and staying up all night dyeing fabrics in his kitchen.
Born into a wealthy textile family near Bologna, Giorgio Correggiari lost everything at the age of twenty when a fire destroyed the family business. He then began a nomadic lifestyle which has been a constant inspiration in his work, before eventually returning to Italy to design for Zanella. He created a collection of leather jeans baptized UFO, with huge sales in the first season, while at the same time designing Daniel Hechter’s mens, womens, and childrenswear lines.
Insatiably curious and prolific, Correggiari designs several lines, a textile collection, leather goods, and has ventured into licensing deals for accessories. Anecdotally, it was back in the early 80’s chez Correggiari that two assistants, Stefano Gabbana met Domenico Dolce, began their own collaboration.