Nino Cerruti

Heir to Cerruti 1881, a well-established fine wool manufacturer, Nino Cerruti brought Italian fashion to Paris when he set up shop in 1967 on the Place de la Madeleine. Showing both in Paris and Milan, he was known for his uncanny sense of communications, as well as his mastery of the use of textiles. It was Cerruti who was the first to use traditional menswear fabrics for women’s’ clothing, and it was chez Cerruti that Giorgio Armani began his design career.


Linking the career of a successful industrialist with that of a high-quality designer, Cerruti occupied a unique position in Italian ready-to-wear. In the 70’s and 80’s, Cerruti began producing clothes for films, including Bonnie and ClydePretty Woman and Basic Instinct; and for actors such as Michael DouglasJack NicholsonTom HanksSharon StoneRobert RedfordHarrison Ford, and Al Pacino. A great believer in study and research, Nino Cerruti was known for his brilliant advertising campaigns, which always stressed passion and culture.