Paola Sanlorenzo

Paola Sanlorenza became the youngest CEO in the history of Italian ready-to-wear at the age of 29. Absolutely passionate about her work, Sanlorenzo’s designs were aimed for an elegant customer, with no cheap tricks or runway stunts.


Her world is Sanlorenzo, where every detail falls under her scrutiny. Reluctant to put all her faith in one designer, the designers work as a team, questioning every piece with the view that “life isn’t a runway.” Born into a bourgeois Turin family, Paola was raised with her sister Enrica in her mother’s fashion house. Both joined the firm in 1968, Paola as business manager and Enrica as designer, and brought the small couture-based firm into the age of prêt-à-porter. Though Enrica eventually left to pursue her own line, Paola continued to produce ten thousand units per season, not counting leather and knitwear.


Clients were carefully selected, and handled directly without intermediate agents, one client per city and a handful of highly prestigious international outlets. The philosophy of the house of Sanlorenzo is quality before quantity, and knowing one’s production capacities.