Quirino Conti

Called “an occult fashion designer” by critic Natalia Aspesi, Quirino Conti is the son of an aristocratic father who wanted him to be an anarchist and a bourgeoise mother who hoped for a conventional son. Bright, ambitious, cultured and mad about fashion, he lives between the disciplines of fashion, theatre, cinema and religion. With a degree in architecture in his pocket, he became costume and set designer for Orson Welles, Fellini, and Lattuada. His first fashion collection debuted in Milan in 1976 to international acclaim, and he has since collaborated with Trussardi, Valentino, Maria Valentino and Krizia among others.


His signature is recognizable at first glance, drawing cultural references from Cocteau to the Tuareg and the Amish, passing through neogothic. In his book The World Will Never Know, Conti reminds us that God was the first fashion designer, creating tunics for Adam and Eve to leave Paradise. Though he chose never to establish his own company, Quirino Conti’s intelligent, often avant-garde collections have left their stamp on the Italian prêt-à-porter world. In his own words, « Fashion is like the snow, (it) takes the
form of what it covers. Settles on what it finds « .