Roberta Di Camerino

The story of Roberta di Camerino, one of the great Italian fashion empires, begins with Giuliana di Camerino, the brand’s innovative founder. The only major design house located in Venice, di Camerino is credited with inventing the ‘status bag’ long before Gucci, the woven leather before Bottega Veneta and the articulated frame bag before Prada. The bags themselves evoke stories, characters and emotion; admirers include Isabella Rossellini and ultimate 70’s icon Farrah Fawcett.


After several decades of production, in 1980 Camerino closed her fashion house. That same year, the Whitney Museum of American Art held an exhibition of her work. Her work has greatly influenced today’s designers, such as Cavalli and Marc Jacobs, and has often been copied. Di Camerino, always impeccably dressed and a client of Chanel, recalls crying during a fitting because someone had copied a bag. “You must not cry now,’ Coco famously said. ‘You cry the day they don’t copy you. »