Roberto Capucci

Italian fashion designer and artist Roberto Capucci (born 1930) is revered by contemporary designers for his innovative silhouettes and masterful use of form, color, and materials. Originally an art student in Rome, he dropped out and began his career as a boy genius of Italian fashion to his legendary sculpture-dresses–including his seminal 1978 « Colonna » silhouette, based on the Doric column.


Capucci refers to his work as « a study in form » inspired by art, architecture, and nature. His early career was intertwined with the rise of the Italian fashion industry and of Italian high fashion, the international press had declared him Italy’s best designer, lauding his « vigor, imagination, and uninhibited originality. » He produced in Paris during the 60’s, where he created both classical and experimental collections, incorporating surprising materials such as plastic and stones. Capucci returned to Rome in 1968, where he has continued his work as couturier and artist.
Bulimic in his devotion to art history and classical music, Capucci considers the act of creation is a complete sensory experience. In his own words, design is nothing less than “an assault—of art, beauty, color, emotion, music, nature, poetry. “